ORTHO 1 Fundamentals of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics with Clayton A. Chan, DDS

Fundamentals of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

(Ortho 1 Seminar and Hands-On Training with Clayton A. Chan, DDS is offered in conjunction with Ortho 2).

Course Description: “Orthodontics Level 1”

Prerequisite Course: General Dentists - OC Levels 1,2, 3 and 4 and Orthodontic Specialists - OC Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Designed for doctors with or without orthodontic background with a minimum of OC Levels 1-4 Occlusion knowledge and beyond.
  • Designed for doctors who have GNM restorative knowledge, but may or may not have  a working knowledge and skills of GNM orthodontic protocols.
  • For dentists who may have had some training in ortho, but have not effectively implemented orthodontics into their dental practice.
  • For clinicians who have been working with their orthodontic specialist and want to learn more.
AGD Subject Code: 370 Orthodontics

"Seeing the Big Picture - Orthodontics to Orthopedics”

"Whether you have dabbled a little in the ortho arena or do it regularly, the combination of GNM orthotics and orthodontic practice is critical to success in the dental practice. Recognizing how ortho works and what it can and should accomplish for you when you work with specialists or desire to gain a keen understanding of how orthodontics can enhance your restorative cases...THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!"

Orthodontic is more than just learning which bracket or wire system to use. It is about developing the knowledge, skills and ability to visualize the whole treatment "orthopedically" (how to move and develop the osseous foundation non-surgically). 

Develop the surrounding tissue and bony arches to a physiologic quantifiable position is a key distinguishing factor in our GNM orthodontic/orthopedic approach. Comprehending and applying the data strategically is key to appropriately applying the techniques necessary to develop and move teeth and skeletal relationships.  Scientific methodology that satisfy bio- physiologic relationships in the orthopedic diagnosis is addressed starting from point A to point Z - putting the pieces together in an orderly fashion to finish the case physiologically.  Learning sound laws and principles of orthodontics as well as GNM orthopedic growth and development is key to stable occlusion and facial esthetics.

This is the foundational course with manuals that are super helpful and used to refer back to so that the student can check on things as the orthodontic patients come into ones practice or return to your practice after referral or for hygiene checks.  Orthodontic tools and records will be sequenced to support the bigger perspective of this style of treatment.  The physiologic bite record sets the stage to establish a corrected orthopedic position prior to any implementation of fixed and or removable orthodontic procedures.

Diagnostic standards of homeostasis of the cranio-mandibular and cervical complex is a key concept that distinguishes a comprehensive orthodontic curriculum, instilling in each student the importance of occlusal stability. Objective documentation and records along with an understanding of scan interpretation validate and support dentofacial and cervical alignment protocols and orthodontic and orthopedic mechanics is presented throughout the curriculum.

   Course Objectives:

    • Introduce the clinician to comprehensive objective orthodontic and "orthopedic" diagnostics and treatment planning - "Seeing the Bigger Picture".
    • Cephalometric analysis and measurements are presented to orient the clinician to foundational landmarks.
    • An introduction to bracket placement and wire mechanics will be introduced along with case selection of the when and where to use the brackets and appliances?
    • Angles Keys to Normal Occlusion - cuspid and molar relationships and their significance to orthopedic diagnosis and treatment planning.
    • Straight Wire Bracketing and understanding various bracket prescriptions.
    • Commonly Used Appliances including the "Orthosis Matrix"
    • Practice Management 
You Will Learn:
    • Theories of Growth & Development
    • Records for orthopedic and orthodontic diagnosis
    • Growth Indexes
    • Evaluating Diagnostic Factors
    • When to initiate treatment
    • Distinguishing between simple, moderate and complex cases.
    • Keys to Proper Occlusion
    • Importance of orthopedic and orthodontic integration to stability
    • Overview of current bracket systems
    • Overview of functional appliances
    • When and how to use removables
    • When and how to use fixed appliances
    • How to select your first orthodontic case 
    • Integration of an Orthosis into orthodontics
This instruction will begin your journey to master comprehensive orthodontics, dentofacial and NM Orthopedics.


CLAYTON A. CHAN, D.D.S. Founder/Director of OCCLUSION CONNECTIONS The Center for Gneuromuscular Dentistry & Orthopedic Advancement

Occlusion Connections (OC) features renowned teacher and clinician Dr. Clayton A. Chan. His leadership and pioneering role in both “gneuromuscular” (GNM) and neuromuscular (NM) occlusal teachings has been recognized, by his peers, for his ability to deliver outstanding care to his patients as well as present the most advanced principles of dental occlusion and the treatment of TMD patients. When taking OC’s Masterclass training, you can be assured you are taught the most up to date and clinically relevant techniques, based on sound science, substantiated protocols and proven clinical techniques. You will learn, be inspired, become skilled, successful, profitable and confident in integrating these clinical GNM protocols into your dental practice. Dr. Chan’s GNM teachings have afforded dentist from around the world to implement clinical occlusal techniques that have achieved outstanding results in “real world” dental practices. More About Dr. Chan


TESTIMONIALS: What Other Doctors Are Saying About OC Ortho I course:

"Not only is OC Level 1 an eye opener, but consider Clayton's "other" Level 1 course ie. ORTHO!  Just completed the first 2 days of a 4 day journey into GNM Ortho - a fabulous presentation of well researched material, methodically delivered in an organized manner, with a comprehensive manual full of quality photos and diagrams, a couple of breakout sessions to gain some techniques and tricks on appliance usage and wire bending coupled with an open forum for questions and a comraderie with fellow doctors - can't say enough good things about how principles are presented for us to understand and diagnose without getting hung up on the myriad options of brackets, wires or appliances to use. Keeping the main thing the main thing tends to clear one's head of so many treatment possibilities and simplifies the approach to helping our patients orthopedically AND orthodontically.
Clayton. ....Thanks for answering so many questions with patience and care in assuring that all of us understood and for having such a tremendous sense of humor along the way!  Can't wait for the next two days!!
- Bruce Greenstein, D.M.D., Pinecrest, Florida

"I also just completed ortho level 1 at OC last weekend.  I haven't bent a wire since dental school, but I learned so much.  And I can always contact Joe Liwag at Space Maintainers Lab for help.  I feel confident enough to start some simple removable ortho cases (on the right patients with whom I'm comfortable), including my kids. I also asked the same questions you did, and don't want to waste my time taking ortho courses and learning about complicated appliances if it doesn't have to be that complicated.....I definitely feel I need to complete Level 2 and 3 prior to starting any fixed appliance therapy."
-  Dr. Franziska K. Dutton, D.D.S.,Redding, CA 

"I have completed Ortho 1... It was another gem that Dr Chan dished out consistently through the OC courses.  I feel it is alright to attend Ortho 1 without prior orthodontics training. It is important to establish the right foundation in treatment philosophy before starting an orthodontic case. You can always attend specific system training like Damon etc to fully apply the knowledge to the base GNM objectives for your patients.

We are going through this course because help is hard to come by. The dogma of conventional orthodontics negates the good things we are trying to preserve through GNM training. The lack of respect for bicuspids and minimal consideration to orthopedic or skeletal influences with muscular involvement are some of the pitfall of most conventional orthodontics treatment. 

In Ortho 1, Dr Chan has enlightened me the power of nature and if we harness it at the right moment or setup the parameters for that to act, teeth will move in their 'mysterious' ways. He showcased his early cases and also non-compliant patients with irregular visits. The outcome were all good because his optimized bite set the stage for that to happen. He, with the help of Joe from Space Maintainer Lab, opened another whole new dimension for me in treating patients with appliances. I have out dated concepts of appliances but what I saw at OC gave me so much more new ideas on their applications and I was blown away by the invisalign-killer INMAN appliance.  I will be back for Ortho 2." 
- Dr. Yue Weng Cheu, BDS, FRACDS, MJDF RCSEng, Heartland Mall-Kovan, Singapore 

"I too was just at Ortho I last weekend.  It really exceeded my expectations and you will learn removable and some fixed ortho...for some cases you will need to do both.  My plan was to take the OC ortho to communicate with the orthodontists but now I feel I can start helping some of my patients and have already lined up a couple of family/friends as cases.
I also believe you will learn from any other courses you take but the OC courses should be your foundation...keep the main thing the main thing.
I am already excited about Ortho II in May-Clayton and Jane and the rest of the group....Joe and Space Maintainers are so encouraging and truly are the best."  
- Dr. Lloyd S. Hataishi, D.D.S. LLC, Aiea, Hawaii

"Clayton as usual left it all on the field in a precise and measured manner.  I have done a lot of ortho over the years, but still had questions (as usual).  All my questions were answered. 

So whether you are experienced or have no experience, this is a valuable course.  What Clayton does with ortho for the inexperienced is save them years of time and countless problems by helping them not to make all the errors that many of us have made.  The new ortho doctor with GNM ortho is literally the 12th monkey...., saving time by learning from all those that have been down this road before them.  For me having treated many ortho patients, this has filled in many of the puzzle pieces that were missing.

I would add that Joe Liwag from Space Maintainers Lab did a wonderful job of showing us the correct way to manage our appliances.  Thanks to Joe.

I can think of nothing worse than working your way through a GNM optimized orthotic on a patient who needs ortho/orthopedic treatment, and then handing them off to a doctor  who doesn't understand what you are trying to accomplish.  You might want to rethink your position with regard to orthodontics/orthopedics." 
-  Dr. Gregory G. Yount, D.M.D., Mattoon, Illinois 

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